Stan "Zero" Williams is a professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is best known for his time in ROH.

Jeff Hardy4


Debut and ROH World ChampionEdit

Zero debuted in Ring of Honor(ROH) as SubZero and competed as a villain defeating Samoa Joe and having a lenghtly feud with Austin Aries and AJ Styles his finisher was a brainbuster usually do steel steps or a steel chair, which was called Ice Lock. In 2008, SubZero became ROH World Champion, defeating Tyler Black, however he lost the title back to Black a week later. After a lengthly feud with Chris Hero, SubZero left ROH after a major contract dispute.

Independent Circut(2008 - 2011)Edit

Zero debuted in the Indy Circut competing for Miracle Wrestling Federation and Super Wrestling Federation as a fan favorite, and would have a minor feud with former rival from ROH Austin Aries. In 2010, Zero competed in New Japan Wrestling, defeating MVP twice before signing with WWE.


FCW and RawEdit

WWE Announced they had signed Zero in December 2011 in which Zero competed as AbsoluteZero winning the FCW Heavyweight title twice. In May 2012, it was announced Zero now renamed Zero would debut in early July 2012. It was annoucned Zero signed with Raw. On his debut, he defeated The Miz by pinfall. Later, Zero would be made a Multi Branded superstar with ECW.

In WrestlingEdit


Ice Lock (Brainbuster) Usually to a chair or steel steps.

Global Freeze (Super rolling fireman's carry slam.)

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