The Wyatt Family
The Wyatt Family
Rowan (left), Wyatt (middle) and Harper (right)


Bray Wyatt (leader)

Luke Harper

Erick Rowan



Wyatt: 6 ft 3 in

Harper: 6 ft 5 in

Rowan: 6 ft 8 in

Kane: 7 ft 0 in

Combined weight

1188 lb


April 18th, 2014



The Wyatt Family is a professional wrestling stable in WWE.



It was announced over the WWE website on April 12th, 2014, that former Nexus member Husky Harris would be redebuting soon with two associates by his side.

On the April 18th edition of Smackdown, the Wyatt Family debuted by attacking Rey Mysterio after his match with Cesaro. Bray Wyatt then went on to talk about how "WWE superheros" like Rey give the WWE universe the false impression that there's good in the world, and how he intends to cleanse the WWE of such people. Bray Wyatt would then go on to defeat Rey Mysterio, taking him backstage and making him disappear from TV for a few months. Wyatt would also defeat Christian on an epsiode of Smackdown, making him go to WCW in the process.

Feud with the UndertakerEdit

Over the course of the few weeks, the Wyatts would carry a large metal cross to the ring with then. At Summerslam Bray Wyatt attempted to crucify Rader, only to be stopped by the Undertaker; this would begin a feud between the two. On the July 11th episode of Smackdown, after helping the Wyatts attack Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Rader & the Undertaker, Kane joined the Wyatt Family.

In August 2014, Kane left the group after Bray and the others abandoned him during an attack from TNA superstars. Kane then become RAW co GM Sting's personal assistant. Kane then put Wyatt into a match against Big Show

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