WrestleMania 28 is an event that shall take place on April 4, 2011. 2 "matches" have been annoucned.

John Cena def The Rock No Stipulation Singles Match
Rated RKO defJacob Cass and Wade Barrett(c) WWE Tag Team titles Tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Long(Triple H,Alex Riley,The Big Show,Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston) def Team Hart(Ezekiel Jackson, Skullbuster,Mark Henry,Cody Rhodes and Tyson Kidd Elimination 12 person tag team match Winner gets to chose whom controls what shows.
Drew McIntyre def Ned Edgewalker vs Mr Kennedy vs Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara vs Zack Ryder vs Kane vs Brock Lesnar vs MVP vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm 12 person Money In The Bank Ladder Match Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Vader def Christian Last Man Standing Match. Loser Gets fired Hardcore Championship Last Man Standing Match. Loser gets fired.
Punk Hazard and Delirious defeat Miz and Morrison ECW Tag Team Championship Tables match
Sheamus def Zack Blaze Singles Match Smackdown vs Raw Supershow Brand Supermecy
Jim Logan(w/Tiffany) def Kurt Angle(w/ Tommy Dreamer) No Holds Barred Match Winning reps becomes GM of ECW Revival
CM Punk(c) def Chris Jericho Singles Match WWE Championship Match
Daniel Bryan(c) vs AJ Styles No DQ Match World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker def Sting No Holds Barred Singles Match
N W O def ECN Tag Team Elimination Tag Match, loser disbands
Mick Foley def Tommy Dreamer ECW Extreme Rules. ECW Extreme Rules ECW Championship Match
Hunico def Jeff Hardy and Victor Creed Logan and Low Ki Fatal 5 way ladder match European Championship Match

Original PlansEdit

In December 2011 until Febuary 2012, Logan considered to have Kurt Angle battle AJ Styles in a rematch from the previous year's WrestleMania(SlammiMania) but decided against it because "We have seen it all before".


  1. This will mark the first Money in the Bank Ladder Match to have more than 10 people. The highest number ever.


WrestleMania 28 was given an extremly low score of a 1 out of 10 in its goodness. PWI rated WrestleMania as "Poor and Overpromoted", they claimed that the opening European Championship Match was a good way to start the show, but rated it poorly as the rest of the matches had slow starts and horrible endings that didnt capture the "mania magic". The Rock/Cena match was rated with a 0.1 out of 5 as it was "Severly over promoted". The highest rated match was Sting/Undertaker with a 3 stars.

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