The WWE 2012 Royal Rumble is a Pay Per View event scheduled to be held in January 2012.


AJ Styles wins 40 person Royal RUmble Winner gets a shot at either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 28
Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler Singles Match Winner gets a shot at the WWE title
The Corre defeated Primo and Epcio TLC Tag team match Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship
Jack Swagger(c) defeated Kofi Kingston(w/ Evan Bourne Singles Match United States Championship
The Miz defeated Tommy Dreamer Extreme Rules Match ECW Championship
Kurt Angle(c) defeated CM Punk(c) Singles Match WWE Championship Unification Match. Winner becomes Undisputed WWE champion and loser doesn't get a rematch.
Daniel Bryan(c) defeated The Big Show vs Mark Henry Triple Threat Match World Heavyweight Championship


The Pay per view overal was positivly recieved with the rise of Zack Ryder and the Tag team title wins of Wade Barrett and Jacob Cass. The World Title match was given negative reviews for Bryan making Henry tap. The ECW title match recived a 3.8 star for the first ECW title defense in two years. The Royal Rumble match itself was positivly reviewed with the returns of Edge and Chris Jericho. And the WWE title match recieved a 4 star.

The pay per view was negativly reviewed for it's "poorly put together" World Title Match. and quickly made US title match.

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