Cole:welcome to Monday Nite Raw everybody!

Lawler:Tonight we have a 4 man WWE Championship Chase Tournoment to decide a new Number One Contender for hte WWE Championship.

Cole:The contestents are as follows.:

  1. Alex Riley
  2. CM Punk
  3. Jim Logan
  4. AJ Styles

Cole: They are all fan favorites and will battle to content for the WWE title tonite in Semi Final matches and next week we will decide a number 1 contender from the winners.

Lawler:Ya but first we have some news, New Undisputed X-Divison Champion, Sin Cara will have a match vs new comer Goku!


Skullbuster is seen talking to Evan Bourne

Skull:Hey Evan, hows that win feel?

Evan:Feels pretty great man, hows it feel to get a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Match, without even having to lift a finger?


Evan:Hows that?

SKull: Well i have been getting some heat that i dont deserve a title match so early, and Christian has been saying that as sson as i win the title, he would beat me for it.

Evan:Well you cant let him get to you, just dominate.


Evan:No prob


This show-opening match is set for one fal, introducing first, the Worlds Largest Athleate,The Big Show!.


Now introducting the opponent, Vince!

The match was turned into a swuash match as Big Show easily dominatned the rookie with 10 blows to the chest and a Weapon Of Mass Destruction(Knockout Punch) to the face.

Show goes for a cover.


Match #2Edit

This next match is set for one fall, introducing first, the Undisputed X-Division Champion, Sin Cara!


Lawler:This crowd shows no love lost for Sin Cara.


ANnouncer:And now his opponent. . .

- We Are One By 12 Stones Music Hits -(former music of The Nexus)


Crowd:On its feet

Goku charges into the ring and dominates Sin Cara with a big boot and Samoan Drop. Sin Cara rolls out of the ring and waves at Goku.

Cole:Sin doesnt want anything to do with Goku tonight!

Goku charges and bounces off the top rope and hits Cara with a flying forearm. Goku rolls Sin Cara back into the ring. Sin Cara attempts to hit Goku with a baseball slide but Goku jumps over him and into the ring. Sin Cara climbs the top rope and goes for a missle drop kick but gets countered by Goku. Goku hits Cara with a missle drop kick to the side of the skull.

Cole:Wow, Goku is fired up.

Goku pounds the mat, signling the Viper RKO(/Hunting RKO) used by Randy Orton.

Lawler:Dont get up Sin Cara.

Cara gets up to the RKO.

Goku goes for the cover.



Goku lifts Sin Cara up and hits the Bloodline

Cara:POSION MIST INTO The "Bloodline"

Goku goes for the cover


Announcer:The Winner of hte Match, Goku!

Main EventEdit

Kofi Kingston defeats CM Punk, AJ Styles, Alex Riley and Jim Logan in a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match to challenge for the Undisputed WWE Championship. After the match, Victor Creed Logan attacked Kofi Kingston and locked his arm between the ropes.

Doctor:Kofi Kingston will not be able to compete for the next pay per view.

Victor(without mic):HA HA HA HA!

- Rey Mysterio's music hits-


Rey attacks Creed and hits Ricardo Radrigues with a 619.

Rey:IM BACK, and I have news from the Host of Raw The Rock, At the PPV, its you vs me for the Undisputed WWE Championship!

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