Show OpeningEdit

Cole:Welcome to Monday Night Raw Everybody!

Jerry:Tonight, do we have a show, Team Bring It REUNION, to face "Awesome Truth" The Miz and R-Truth.

Cole:We also have John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler

Jerry:And do cap off our announced matches, Randy Orton will face former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio

Match#1: Evan Bourne vs HunicoEdit

Outcome: Evan winsEdit

The match starts out with Evan getting dominated by Hunico, Evan spent most of the match on the mat until he hit Hunico with a hurricanrona. Bourne would then domoniate the match until hitting an Air Bourne for the pin.

Match #3: Kane vs SheamusEdit

Outcome:Sheamus winsEdit

The match goes back and forth between the powerhouses until Kane went for a chokeslam, Sheamus countered and went for a Brouqe kick but missed, Kane then when for a Toumbstone but Sheamus countered and hit his own Tombstone but Kane kicked out at 1.5, Sheamus would then seal the match a Brouqe kick for the win.

Match #4 John Morrison vs Dolph ZigglerEdit

Outcome:Morrison winsEdit

Annoucner:This next match is set for one fall, and the winner of the match will get an exclucive future United States Championship Match against Zack Ryder one night after Survivor Series!

-Ziggler enters-

Annoucner:Introducing first, Dolph Ziggler!


-Morrison Enters-

Announcer:And his opponent, John Morrison!

Crowd:On it's feet

The match starts with Morrison dominating with a flash kick


Ziggler then dominates most of the match after hitting a reverse K-2 Ziggler then spent most of the match taunting Morrison.

Ziggler(no mic): Come on Morrison, you have to have more fight then that!

Morrison spits in Ziggler's face, Morrison then knocks Ziggler out with another Flash Kick.


As Ziggler is getting up, Morrison hits the running knee to the skull


Annoucner:The winner of the match, John Morrison!

Match#5: Randy Orton vs Alberto Del RioEdit

Outcome: Orton winsEdit

The match goes on for 10 minutes with both competitors trying to out-do each other until Del Rio goes for his kick, Orton ducks and when Del Rio gets up, he gets an RKO.


Annnoucner:The winner of the match, Randy Orton!

=Main Event Match: Cena and The Rock vs The Miz and R-TruthEdit

Winner:Team Bring ItEdit

The match goes back and forth for a few mintues until AT gets the upperhand after Truth hit Cena with a water bottle. Miz then dominates Cena after a big boot, Cena counters and locks in an STF but Truth breaks it with a kick, both Cena and Miz get up, Miz charges at Cena, only for Cena to hit an AA. Both competitors crawl to their partners and tag them in. Rock dominates Truth and hits The People's Elbow followed by a Rock Bottom to both Miz and Truth and goes for the pin.


Announcer:The winners of the match, John Cena and The Rock!

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