&nbsp Raw Starts with The Rock in the ring

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Greenbay Wisconson!

~Crowd Cheers~

Rock:Tonite, we have a special lineup starting with Alex Riley vs a special guest!

Lawler: I Wonder who that could be

Cole:Probably the Most Must See WWE Superstar in history, The Miz!

Rock: Tonite's mainevent will be the Co-WWE Champions in tag Team action vs The Worlds Most Dominant!

~ Crowd Cheers ~

Rock:Alright lets get started

Match #1

- Alex Riley's Music hits -

- Crowd Cheers -

Lawler:Listen to this standing ovation for this rookie!

Cole:Ya ya ya, they should be booing him after what he did to the Most Must See

Lawler:Shut up

Cole:Lets see who this ungrateful US Chump's opponent is

- Cole grabs a mic -

Cole:I forgot to tell you, I am now making this a US Title Match to prep everyone for SummerMania!

Cole sits down

Lawler:Who gave you permission to do that

Cole:No one, im Mr.WrestleMania

~ Crowd starts to chant Kofi, Kofi Kofi! -

Lawler:I think this crowd wants to see Kofi Kingston vs Alex Riley

- Dolph Ziggler's Music Hits -

Cole: Aww this is rich!

The match starts with Ziggler pumpleing Riley with a flurry of punches and kicks into a corner

Ref:I..2...3...4..5 break come on break it!

Riley counters with a spear and several punches before the ref pulls him off

For several minutes it was back and forth high-flying, heavyhits

Cole:Come on Ziggler, beat this chump, this is for the US Title!

Lawler:Come on Riley!

Riley goes for a Stunner but Ziggler catches him with a Sleeper Hold

Cole:YES TAP Riley TAP!

- Vickie uncovers a turnbuckle -

Cole:Vickie what are you doing?

Riley hits Ziggler on the exposed steel and starts pounding Riley in the corner

Cole:Come on ref do your job, pull him off now!

- Vince charges in the ring -


Vince hits Ziggler with a chair the to gut and goes to hit Ziggler in the back.


Vince hits Riley in the face with the chair, drops it on the mat and hits an Edgecution onto the chair.

Cole: Whats going on here?

- Vince grabs a mic-


Before Vince leaves the ring he spears Ziggler

Match #2

Lawler:Well after getting over our weird and awesome opening succesful US title Match

Cole:Right now its AJ Styles vs another unknown opponent

Lawler:Dont make it a title match

Cole: I will if its an actual Champion

- AJ Styles Music Hits and AJ charges into the ring -

Crowd:AJ, AJ, AJ!

Cole:Why is this crowd cheering the wrong person?

Lawler:You dont know who it is yet

- The Rock appears on TitanTron -

Rock: Now your opponent

- Rey Mysterio's Music Hits -

Cole: Yep they were cheering for the right person.

The match goes with AJ quickly dominating Rey even hitting a powerbomb to Rey to the outside of the ring

Cole:Come on Mysterio if your so great, dominate this poser!

Rey turns the match around with a hurrianrona to the ring post.


Rey drags AJ into the ring

Ref. 1.....2....Kickout

Cole:THAT WAS 3!

Rey hits the 619 to AJ

Rey climbs the turn buckle and goes for a leg drop, AJ counters with a missle drop kick to Rey


AJ Hits Rey with a Styles Clash

Cole:NO NO NO!

Ref: 1....2.....3

Announcer: The Winner of the Match, AJ Styles!

Cole throws a water bottle into the crowd,

Cole:This is rigged and u know it


Josh Matthews:My guest at this time, Co-WWE Champion, from Chicago Illiniois, JIM LOGAN!

Crowd:Cheers so loud, the roof cracks

Logan:Thanks man

Matthews:How does it feel to be Co-WWE Champion and have to team up with your now friendly rival for SummerMania?

Logan:It feels pretty awesome, I hope we get the win and I have all the respect in the world for Punk, I hope we have an awesome match and I'd like to say, well Kane and Big Show, look out, the Chicago Made Punks are coming at ya.

Matthews: Thanks Jim

TV Scene jumps to Randy Orton talking to Edge

Crowd Cheers

Orton:So I was thinking, since we got matches on Smackdown, we assist each other, you know, when you face Truth, ref distracted, i hit him with an RKO, you spear him, 1,2,3 right there

Edge:Sounds good

John Morrison walks by

Edge:Hey Johnny hows it going?

Morrison:Oh great, I gotta get going though

Edge: Why?

Morrison:I got no match

Edge: Oh you wanna head to the weight room then?


Goldberg attacks Morrison and Edge


Goldberg lunges for Orton and Orton dodges

Goldberg turns around into the RKO

GM Office

Morrison:Hey Rocky, we need something done about Goldberg

Rock:what did he do now?

Morrison:He attacked me and Edge, Orton had to hit him wtih an RKO to knock him out

Rock:Ok Ill see what I can do, put you should be heading for Smackdown's arena, you got a match on Smackdown on Friday.


Match #3

Announcer:This next match set for one fall is a body slam challenge

Mark Henry's Music Hits

Cole: I know this guy is gonna win, who can lift him?

Lawler:I dont know

Announcer:In this corner, from Texas, weighting 400 Pounds, The WSM,Mark Henry!


-Sheamus's Music Hits -


Lawler:This guy could win

The match goes pretty one sided with Sheamus getting the upperhand with a Brouge Kick early on and after 10 minues Henry hits the WSS

Cole:Its over

Lawler: Ya i remember it was the other way around at SlammiMania, Henry was a face and he beat Sheamus.

Henry goes to body slam Sheamus but Sheamus struggles out and hits another Brouge Kick

Sheamus hits a body slam to Henry


Announcer:The winner of the match, SHEAMUS!

Henry sticks out his hand, Sheamus shakes it

Henry pulls Sheamus into a clothsline

Cole:Poor sportsmanship


Triple H: At SummerMania, it will be CM Punk vs Jim Logan to crown the Undisputed WWE Champion!

Cole: Even after all of this, CM Punk apparntly needs an edge of Logan, an injury, something

Lawler:Ya, he needs to find it now

Commercial Announcer:Can Punk find an injury on Logan before the PPV?

Main Event Matchup

Announcer:This next Match is your mainevent of the evening,

Kane & Big Shows Music Hits

Announer:Introducing first, THe Worlds Most Dominant Tag Team in the World, Kane and The Big Show!

Crowd: Mixed reaction( 29% Cheer 71%Boo)

Lawler:Not a lot of support for The WMD

- CM Punk's Music Hits -

Crowd: 100% Cheer

Lawler: OMG Listen to reaction to these guys

The match begins with Punk and Kane battling awesomely and the match goes both ways for about 15 minutes

Crowd:We Want Logan *Clap* *Clap* *Clap Clap Clap *

Kane Tags Big Show

lawler:Here comes the Worlds Largest Athleate

Punk tags Logan

Show drags Punk and hits him with a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Ref:He is not the legal man!

Show darts for Logan, Logan ducks underneath and starts dominating Show

Logan sets up an AA

Cole:Here comes the AA!

Show counters and hits Logan with a WMD and goes for a pin

Ref:1.....2... Punk saves Logan

Logan gets up to have a light shined in his face by Paul Bearer

Punk gets blined with sand from Kane and Punk hits a roundhouse to Logan

Lawler:Oh my Punk just hit his partner!

Show goes for a pin


Show picks logan up and goes for a chokeslam, Logan counters into an AA


Announcer:The Winners of the match, The Co-WWE Tag Team Champions, CM Punk and Jim Logan!

Cole What a great match!

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