The 2012 WWE Draft is an event that shall take place 2 weeks after WrestleMania 28 in which superstars and divas from all shows can be placed on diffrent shows. This will be the first WWE Draft since 2010 to offically have ECW involved. In this draft, it shall be a four hour show and 15 Superstars/Divas are expected to be drafted.

Superstars DraftedEdit

  1. SD gets Kane
  2. SD gets Zack ryder
  3. esekiel jakson to RAW
  4. Big Show Gets drafted to raw
  5. Christian gets drafted to raw
  6. Rock goes to SD
  7. cm punk go to sd
  8. Miz goes to SD
  9. Sheamus goes to RAW with randy orton.


  1. Battle Royal, which Cody Rhodes won
  2. Primo beats Zack Blaze in loser gets drafted match, which ECW was banned from
  3. Elimination tag match, featuring 15 people, which Zack Ryder won
  4. Diesel beats Zach Gowen in ladder match, which SD was banned from
  5. RAW is banned match, which Jinder Mahal got a DQ from Vickie Guerrero, against Dolph Ziggler
  6. Eugene beats William Regal and Vickie in a booksmarts contest (person who knows the most)
  7. Batista beats Ric Flair and RKO for 2 picks
  8. Miz beats 3 other men for choice of show
  9. Santino retains his title in interbrand steel cage match for 2 picks
  10. Mick Foley beats everyone on his own, Smackdowns, and RAWs roster in elimination ladder match, where if you get pinned, your out

Supplimental DraftEdit

In the WWE Supplimental Draft, Batista(to SD), Tyler Black and Daniel Bryan(to Raw), and Hallowicked to ECW


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