WWC(Wrestling World Championship) is a professional wrestling corporation. It was founded by Alex Harper.



It was founded November 1st 2013 and releases it's first PPV Blaze on January 24th 2014.


On July 2nd 2013 former owner of the Training Fighting Federation Alex Harper decided he needed a much larger ownership. He contacted co developers of WWC Josh Aarons and Bill Keaton. Together they got to work coming up with the company. By August it had been finished and they began promoting. it was officially opened on November 1st 2013.


Alex Harper is the current Chairman. This position is occasionally switched with Bill Keaton the COO. Josh Aarons is the current General Manager. The show has about 3 brands: Afterburn, Rebel and Warriors. It has 4championships. The WWC Championship, WWC Tag Team Championship, , WWC Womens Championship, WWC Xtreme Championship and WWC Hevyweight Championship.

In other MediaEdit

Game SeriesEdit

In late 2015 their will be a Game Series.

Current Roster Edit

Afterburn Edit

Alex Shelley Amazing Red Bobby Lashley Bray Keaton Carlito Colon "The Crusader" Mike Cameron Chris Sabin Davey Richard Eddie Edwards James Daxon Jeff Hardy "Willow" Johnny Curtis Ken Andersen Matt Hardy "Angel" Suicide Tomko Zeke

Rebel Edit

Cesaro Chris Hero Chris Master Dick Grayson "The Robin" Jim Snuka J.J.J(Jordan Jackson Jr.) Kenny Dykstra Mike Mondo Paul London Roman Reigns Sonjay Dutt The King Tyler Black

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