Competitors Match Type Stipulation
Drew McIntyre def. MVP Singles Match WCW Television Championship Match
Shawn Micheals def. Sting Extreme Rules Payback 2014 Rematch
Santino Marella def. Evan Bourne Singles Match None
Tommy Dreamer def. Mark Henry No-DQ None
Ned Edgewalker, Chris Benoit & David Benoit def. The Usos & Justin Gabriel 6-Man Tag Team None
Goldberg def. Randy Orton Last Man Standing WCW Championship Match


Opening GM Segment WCW GM Shane McMahon comes out and gives a speech about the new WCW Revival brand, although he in interupted by Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash, both sporting NWO Gear.
Drew McIntyre Championship Celebration After McIntyre won the Championship, he was congragulated by Shane McMahon about being the inagural WCW TV Champion.
Goldberg Championship Celebration After Goldberg won the title, Confetti fell, and fireworks were shot outside. Goldberg was also congragulated by Shane McMahon on being the inagural WCW Champion.

Major EventsEdit

  • First ever WCW Revival show
  • Goldberg became the first ever WCW Champion
  • Drew McIntyre became the first ever WCW TV Champion
  • Shawn Micheals defeated Sting in a Payback rematch, in his home town of San Antonio.
  • Ned Edgewalker, Chris Benoit & his son David Benoit defeated The Usos & Justin Gabriel.

Additional DetailsEdit

Arena: AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas

Attendance: 16,014

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