Competitors Match Type Stipulation
David Benoit def. Santino Marella Singles Match None
Christian def. Alberto Del Rio Singles Match None
Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy def. The Usos No-DQ Tag Team  None
Ned Edgewalker def. Chris Benoit Singles Match None
Drew McIntyre def. MVP No Holds Barred  WCW TV Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Goldberg (No Contest) Singles Match None


Kevin Nash Demands Power from GM Shane McMahon

In the opening segment of the show, McMahon responds to some critisism by the superstars. After entering, McMahon welcomes the crowd, but is then interupted by Kevin Nash, who walked out with a sledgehammer. Nash then proceded to tell McMahon that if he wasn't named the assistant GM by the end of the night, Nash would bash McMahon's head in with the Sledgehammer.

MVP heel turn & Championship match challenge Following their championship rematch, MVP attacked McIntyre and challenged him to a Biker Chain Match at Money in the Bank. 
RVD vs. Goldberg Following the draw, Kevin Nash walked out, and announced that Shane agreed on Nash's terms. Nash also announced that there would be a rematch at Money in the Bank for the title, and that it would be a tables match.

Major EventsEdit

  • MVP turned heel.
  • Kevin Nash became the Assistant GM of WCW revival.
  • RVD & Goldberg had a draw in the main event of WCW revival, and are now scheduled for a championship match at Money in the Bank.

Additional DetailsEdit

Arena: Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana.

Attendance: 11,207

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