Competitors Match Type Stipulation Way of Victory
Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy def. 2.0 Tag Team None Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy, Pinfall.
Chris Benoit def. Desmond Miles Singles Match None Crippler Crossface by Benoit, Submission
Goldust def. Homicide Singles Match None Rollup by Goldust, Pinfall
David Benoit w/ John Laurinatis def. Vladimir Kozlov No-DQ None Pinfall by Benoit
Shawn Micheals def. Abyss Singles Match None Sweet Chin Music by Micheals, Pinfall
Drew McIntyre def. Shelton Benjamin Singles Match None Future Shock by McIntyre, Pinfall
Ned Edgewalker def. Hulk Hogan Singles Match None Faith by Edgewalker, Pinfall

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