Match # Match type Titles/stipulations Outcome
Skullbuster vs Additude Singles Match None Skullbuster pinned Additude
Vince vs Vegetaw/Nappa) vs Goku & Drew McIntyre Tag Team Match The person who gets pinned or made to submit shall be fired on the spot Vegeta pinned Drew, resulting in Drew's firing
WWE COO Triple H vs Kevin Nash Singles Match None Triple H pinned Nash after a slight distraction by CM Punk.
Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Alex Riley vs Zack Ryder vs Mason Ryan Fatal Four Way Match WWE US Championship Zack Ryder becomes US Champion after pinning Ziggler, after getting hit with a Ryan Rush from Mason Ryan.
Cody Rhodes(c) vs John Morrison vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Ted DiBiase Fatal Four Way Match WWE IC Championship Cody Rhdoes retains after pinning Ezekial Jackson, after getting hit with a running knee from John Morrison
Sheamus and Randy Orton vs Christian and Tyson Tomko Tag Team Match none Sheamus and Randy Orton win after a Brouge Kick from Sheamus and an RKO from Orton to Christian
"Air Boom" Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne vs Jeff Hardy and Justin Gabriel vs Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship "Air Boom" wins after a Trouble in Paradise from Kingston and an Air Bourne from Evan to Jeff Hardy, directly after Jeff had pinned Jack Swagger with a Twist of Fate.

Kurt Angle(c) vs Robert Roode

James Storm

Triple Threat match TNA World Heavyweight championship James Storm pins Kurt Angle to become new TNA World Champion
Jim Logan vs CM Punk Last Man Standing Match with Special Guest Referee Triple H (vacant) Undisputed WWE Championship Punk won after Creed jumped the fan barrier and hit Jim with a wrench.
Mark Henry(c) vs The Big Show Chairs Match World Heavyweight Championship Big Show defeated Henry


The pay per view was at an all time low with responses such as "James Storm and The Big Show's first world title win came a little early. The Air Boom title defense was a little rushed and not a lot of action from teh defending champions. The Sheamus/Orton vs Christian/Tomko was a let down with the 1 night reutrning superstar. The US and IC title matches were ranked low due to their slow starts and Zack Ryder's fast rise to fame. The WWE Championship Match was heavily criticised with Del Rio's "surpise" return, attacking Cena. and the Triple H/Nash match recived the biggest score of 3 out of 5 stars due to the storyline. The Skullbuster/Additude match was a fan-hated match as once the match got going, many fans got up to get consessions. The Saiyan Elite vs Goku/McIntyre was rated with a "descent" score as the final match of Drew McIntyre and the sudden burst of power from Vegeta were awe-strikers.

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