Randal "Randy" Cass was a superstar signed to WWE formerly working on its Raw Brand peforming as Vegeta.


Debut and feud with GokuEdit

Vegeta would be signed to TNA in 2009 and would debut attacking Goku, they would then start a year-long feud with it cumulating at SlammiVersery 2010 with Goku winning. Vegeta would then spend the rest of his contract feuding with Abyss. Vegeta would be releaed in December 2010.


Debut alliance with Nappa,feud with Goku and departureEdit

Vegeta would be signed to WWE in January 2011 and be sent to its developmental territories. In August 2011, Vegeta would debut attacking former rival Goku. The following night on ECW, he owuld attack Goku again, but would be counterattakced by Goku, but this time the debuting Nappa assisted and started a 2 on 1 beatdown of Goku. Vegeta would turn on Nappa after a string of losses from Nappa. Vegeta would then attack Goku after Goku defeated Mark Henry, Nappa would make the save for Goku, attacking Vegeta. At Survivor Series, his team would lose with him being last eliminated by Goku. The following day it was reported Vegeta was legitametly suspended for 30 days for substance abuse.

Vegeta would "return" at TLC 2011, attacking Goku, preventing him from winning the match, the following day, it was reported Vegeta was supsended indefinatly.In January 2012, Randal would announce his intentions on working on the revival of the ECW show. Vegeta would return in mid-Febuary on Smackdown answering an open challenge from then-ECW Champion Kofi Kingston in a losing effort. Vegeta would then make his final apperance in a winning effort against a local jobber.

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