# Match Stipulations Time[6]
Dark Primo & MVP def Carlito & JBL Singles match
Kaval def Dolph Ziggler Singles Match for an NXT Title Match
The Big Show vs Mark Henry Body Slam Match
Alex Riley(c) vs The Nexus No Contetst

Handicap Match for the United States Championship

Christian def Zack Blaze(c) vs Triple H vs Randy Orton vs by DQ2 Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jim Logan(c) def Edge vs CM Punk vs Victor Creed Logan1 Fatal Four Way Match Elimination for the WWE Pure Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match


1 VIctor Creed Logan Edge Pinfall after an Spear 9:43
2 Edge CM Punk Submission by Andocanda Vice 11:43
3 CM Punk Jim Logan Pinfall after a chain shot and an AA 13:15
Survivors: Jim Logan

1 Triple H Zack Blaze Pinfall after a Hidden Spark 10:40
7 Randy Orton Christian Pinfall after a Killswitch 15:04
8 Zack Blaze N/A Steel Chair shot to the head, 17:15
Survivors: Christian wins by DQ, but doesnt win the title

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