This is the smackdown after Blaze 2014 which is not apart of this brand


Match Number: Competitors and Results:

Stipulations/ Conditions:

Additional Details: Time:
Dark Match AJ Lee def Cameron None None 3:57
Match #1 Sheamus vs Kane

No Contest due to sheamus chasing kane after missing an chokeslam

Match #2 Batista def Dolph Ziggler via KO None

Batista Punished Ziggler so much in the match After 5 batista bombs recived he was out

Match #3 Ryback def Sting via pinfall None

Sting was 2 seconds away from winning Till Ryback cheated by throwing JR into Sting

Match #4 The Shield def Kofi Kingston And Motor City Machine Guns 3 Men Tag Team Match When Kofi went for an tag the Motor City Machine guns betrayed kofi and turned heel 2:33
Match #5 John Daniels def Mark Henry via crazy bump (crazier knockout) Tables Match John Movied out the way from an crazy splash on table and henry was hurt he was ko'ed 9:00

Tournament of Death Gauntlet Match:

Competitor: Eliminated By: Method of Elimination: Additional Details: Time:
Sharkboy The Miz Pinfall  The Miz dirty pinned sharkboy from an slap 5:41
Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter/Antonio Censaro The Miz Disqualification  Jack Swagger kep Miz in ankle lock while he was holding rope 14:39
The Miz John Daniels Pinfall

John Returned to the ring and unsurprizingly won


Major EventsEdit

  • John Daniels debuted as a face
  • Mark Henry is injured from a  bump
  • The Roster blame Batstia For nearly trying to hurt Ziggler

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