The Saiyan Elite was a villianous stable currently consiting of Vegeta, Nappa and Vince. This group was formed the night of Vegeta's debut and eventual debut of Nappa. This group is currently in a feud against "The Undefeated" Goku

Formation,Feud with Goku and dissolutionEdit

On the night of Vegeta's debut, he would re-start his feud with Goku from TNA after attacking Goku. The following episode of TNA, he would be joined by Nappa who helped beat Goku down. After 3 weeks, Vince joined the group after hitting Goku with a Superman Spear through a table. After months of attacks, the group would show signs of a dissolution after Vegeta turned on Nappa, kicking him out of the group, and with Team Vegeta losing to Team Goku at Survivor Series, Vegeta was suspended for 30 days. The following week, Vince showed up, without any TSE music, no wristbands, and no mention of TSE, showing the group's dissolution.

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