The Motor City Machine Guns are a professinoal wreslting tag team signed to WWE. The team currently constists of Alex Shelly and Chirs Sabin.
Motor City Machine Guns


The Motor City Machine Guns debuted in WWE in late April 2012 as faces, defeating various jobbers and tag teams before being made number one contenderes for the ECW Tag Team Championships at Bragging Rights against All Hail replacing 2.0 who became WWE Tag Team Champions. The Machine Guns then became number one contenders for 2.0, defating Zack Blaze and Sheamus. They however would fail in defeating 2.0 in their attempt and in a rematch. Following these losses, it was announced that the Machine Guns were both released. IN August 2012, they would sign a 1 year contract with WWE under ECW Revival.

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