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Oswald Keiter better known as Big O Broski and The Juggernaut is a WWE superstar competiting on it's Raw brand.


Keiter debutted on Smackdown under the name Big O. He would defeat The Hurricane marking his first victory. He would later lose to Helms in a rematch. He then defeated Matt Hardy and Bully Ray in a tag team match alongside Christian.

Teaming with Zack RyderEdit

Back when Keiter's home of Long Island he lived near Zack Ryder where he predicted he would become a HCW superstar as well as be a tag team partner of Zack Ryder, whilst Ryder did not believe him. However this prediction would be true as Ryder would assist Keiter in a match against King Regal. He would then form a team with Zack Ryder while changing his name to Big O Broski. They captured the tag titles from D-Generation-X. They would keep the title record 196 days. They would lose the championship to Carlito and Primo on an edition of Raw in a gaunlet match(the other superstars were Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson, The Miz and John Morrison). Keiter would then turn on Ryder by giving him the Broski Boot which he soon renamed Barbaric Boot.

The JuggernautEdit

On the July 17th edition of Raw Keiter debutted new ring attire as well as a new theme and finisher. He also began calling himself "The Juggernaut". He would win his first match using this persona defeating Daniel Bryan. He then captured the WWE Championship marking his first singles championship defeating Mr Kennedy.

He also made the third longest reign marking 212 days. He lost the title to Jeff Hardy at Fatal 4 Way(other superstars were Christian and Bryan

Injury(2012 present)Edit

On the February 13th episode of Smackdown Juggernau was in a triple threat Ladder match for a contract to become No 1 contender for the WWE Championship. He injured his left knee after falling off the ladder and would require immediate surgery.

Return (2013 Present)Edit

Juggernaut returned at the Royal Rumble at number 20 before being eliminated by Dolph Ziggler. The next night he was defeated by Cody Rhodes. Juggernaut  then defeated Heath Slater. The next night on Main Event he was defeated by Chris Jericho. He was then released by WWE.

Finishing MinouvearsEdit

Slam Of Slams(Full Nelson Lifting Reverse Slam)

Barbaric Boot(formerly Broski Boot) (Boot to seated opponent on turnbuckle with theatrics)

Godzilla Press(Gorilla Press Drop)


Triple German Suplex

Senton Bomb

Ankle Lock

Regal Plex(Adopted from King Regal


Tag Team Titles(1 time with Zack Ryder)

WWE Champion(Ounce)

Entrance Themes

"Radio" by Matt White and Jim Johnston used alongside Zack Ryder

"Engine Of Pain" by Jim Johnston (2010-2011)

"Destruction" by Skillet (2012 present)

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