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Matt Bloom is a professional wrestler signed to WWE competining under Tensai and formerly A-Train and Lord Tensai.


Bloom returned to WWE under his A-Train gimmick, as a face defeating Primo and Epico before returning on-screen on Raw SuperShow as Lord Tensai as a heel defeating Alex Riley. During the WWE Draft, he formed a team with The Great Khali called "All Hail" to which they won the ECW Tag Team Championships from Hazzard and Delirous. However, the following night, COO Triple H, stripped them of the titles due to not having a formal contract with ECW.(while in reality Punk Hazzard suffered an injury prior to the match.) It was annoucned All Hail would get a rematch at Bragging Rights against 2.0. As a singles star on Raw SuperShow, Tensai would go on a 6 match winnning streak defeating four jobbers, Yoshi Tatsu and Alex Riley. Tensai would then enter a minor storyline relationship with John Laurinatis, in which JL would get Tensai "difficult contenders", who Tensai would defeat in under a minute, the first of which was R-Truth. Tensai would then be placed in a No holds barred match against WWE Champion Zack Ryder, in which he lost in a losing effort by countout, still did much damage to Ryder. At Bragging RIghts, All Hail failed in winning the ECW Tag Team Championships.

Feud with Jeff Hardy and Daniel BryanEdit

After the disbandment of All Hail, Tensai started a feud with Jeff Hardy. During this feud, Tensai lost his first match since returning against Daniel Bryan after Hardy hit Tensai with a chair.He eventually lost the feud after Hardy defeating him in a steel cage match on an episode of Smackdown. After his feud with Hardy ended, the "Lord" portion of his name was dropped and Sakamoto was fired. Tensai challenged Zack Ryder for his WWE title but failed. Tensai would then start a feud with Daniel Bryan.



  • Tensai has his title belts carried by Sakamoto

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