200px-TLC2011Poster WWE TLC 2011 is a Pay per view of WWE that shall take place in December 2011.

20 Person Battle Royal IBattle Royal Its for the Ic Championship. Booker T wins. New CHampion
Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton Chairs Match None. Orton wins
The Miz vs Alex Riley Last Man Standing None. Riley wins
Mason Ryan vs Dolph Ziggler(c) No Holds Barred Match Vacant United States Championship Ziggler wins
Zack Ryder and Santino Marella(c) vs Daimon Rush Tag Team Match WWE Tag Team Championship Ryder and Marella win
James Storm vs AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle vs Robert Roode(c) Ladder Match TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match Angle wins. New Champion
Goku(c) vs Big Show vs Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry Tables Ladders and Chairs Match World Heavyweight Championship Match Daniel Bryan wins The World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena vsAlberto Del Rio vs The Miz vs CM Punk(c) Tables Match WWE Championship CM Punk Retains

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