Dark Match Skullbuster defeated Tyson Kidd Singles Match None
#1 Rey Mysterio and Sheamus defeated Bully Ray and Christian Elimination Tag Team Match None
#2 Zack Ryder(c) defeated Vince TLC Match US Championship Match
#3 Team Goku(Goku,Nappa,Skullbuster,MVP and John Morrison) defeated Team Vegeta(Vegeta,Vince, Daimon Rush and Mark Henry Traditonal Survivor Series 5 on 5 Elimination Tag Team Match Mick Foley will serve as special guest referee
#4 WWE COO Triple H defeated Kevin Nash No Holds Barred Match If Kevin Nash wins, Kevin gets a (kayfabe) 5 year contract with WWE, and a free championship match.
#5 Cody Rhodes(c) defeated Justin Gabriel Singles Match Intercontinental Championship Match
#6 Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett(ended in a draw) Singles Match If Barrett wins, he gets Bryan's MITB Contract
#7 Team Cena(John Cena,The Rock,Sin Cara Azul, Randy Orton and Zack Blaze defeated Team Awesome Truth(The Miz,R-Truth, Sin Cara Negro, Rapp3r and Cody Rhodes Traditonal 5 0n 5 Survivor Series Match None
#8 Robert Roode(c) defeated James Storm(w/AJ Styles) Street Fight TNA World Heavyweight Championship
#9 WWE Champion CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio

No Holds Barred Singles Match

WWE Championship Match
#10 The Big Show(c) defeated The Undertaker Singles Match World Heavyweight Championship match

MVP Team Goku Eliminated by Mark Henry 3:02
Mark Henry Team Vegeta Eliminated by John Morrison 4:05
John Morrison Team Goku Eliminated by Vince 4:10
Vince Team Vegeta Eliminated by Nappa 5:30
Additude Team Vegeta Eliminated by Goku 8:52
Nappa Team Goku Eliminated by Eddy Guerrero 12:54
Eddy Guerrero Team Vegeta Eliminated by Skullbuster 15:04
Skullbuster Team Goku Eliminated by Vegeta 16:01
Vegeta Team Vegeta Eliminated by Goku 20:05

Hunico Team AT Eliminated by Sin Cara 3:01
Sin Cara Team Bring It Eliminated by Rapp3r 3:10
Rapp3r Team AT Eliminated by Zack Blaze 4:05
Cody Rhodes Team AT Eliminated by Randy Orton 7:15
Randy Orton Team Bring It Eliminated by Miz 8:16
Zack Blaze Team Bring It Eliminated by R-Truth after interfierence from Kane 10:05
R-Truth Team AT Eliminated by John Cena


The Miz Team Bring It Eliminated by The Rock 20:15


The Pay Per View was very well recived, several superstars in particular were given high-praise by fans and critics alike, this includes The Rock, who despite his decreased wrestling schedule, dominated The Miz and Cody Rhodes. Another superstar given high praise was Zack Blaze, whom had been returning from injury, eliminated Rapp3r in such a quick fashion. and finally, rising superstar Goku was given the highest praise not only elimnating 2 superstars single handed, Goku also eliminated heated rival Vegeta with his new finisher, The Cross Face.

Rapp3r who debuted at Survivor Series, although was eliminated early on, was highly praised by critics for battling the returning Zack Blaze.

220px-Alex Shelley October 2010

Zack Blaze who was given high praise for his efforts in the Survivor Series tag team match


Rock, who was given high praise for his performance.

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