SummerSlam is a PPV expected to happen August 18, 2013.

SummerSlam KickOff Jack Swagger(w/Antonio Cesaro, and Zeb Colter) def Damien Sandow Singles Match None
Match #1 Zack Blaze def "The One" AJ Styles Ultiamte X Match Winner gets a shot at either the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship
Match #2 Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd(c) via DQ Tornado Tag Team Match WWE Tag Team Championship
Match #3 Sheamus vs Ryback ended in a draw. Tables Match Loser is banned from competing for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship until WrestleMania XXX.
Match #4 Daniel Bryan def Alberto Del Rio Twenty minute Iron Man match Christian shall serve as Special Guest Enforcer.
Match #5 The Miz(c) def CM Punk Tables Ladders and Chairs Match World Heavyweight Championship
Main Event Jacob Cass(c) def John Cena Singles match WWE Championship

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