SummerSlam is a pay per view expected to happen in August 2012.Thus far only a few matches have been announced.

Ryback def Jimmy Jacobs after Jinder Mahal interfiered Singles Match None.
Goldberg def DDP Singles Match None.
Booker T def Brock Lesnar Hell in a Cell Grudge Match
Luke Gallows vs Man 2.0 Buried Alive Match Career vs Career (and streak) Match
Sting vs Christian ended in a no contest Submission Match WCW Championship
Chris Masters vs Cody Rhodes Hell in A Cell Grudge Match
James Storm vs Bobby Roode NO CONTEST, wasnt done after Beer Money shockingly returned Special Guest Ref Falls Count anywhere Stone Cold is ref Grudge Match
Revolt vs ???? Revolt open fight Gauntlet Try beating Revolt
|Rhyno vs Tommy Dreamer vs Sabu vs Sandman ECW Extreme Rules Match None
Zack Blaze def Tyler Black No Holds Barred Tyler's WWE Championship Match
|Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett vs Teddy Hart and Kevin Hart vs Big'Spyce and T Dogg vs Petey Williams and Scott Steiner vs The Motor City Machine Guns vs Chris Daniels and Kazarian vs Bobby Roode and James Storm Cuffed in a cage ECW Style (You dont cuff opponents, you are cuffed to partner, eliminations, then, final two have to climb out) ECW Tag Team Championships
Jigsaw vs Sonjay Dutt vs Jay Lethal vs Tajiri vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Chavo Guerrero vs Delirious vs Hunico vs Shark Boy vs Amazing Red vs Suicide vs The Brian Kendrick Ultimate X Match X Division Championship
Chris Jericho vs Big Show vs Low Ki vs Umaga vs Terry Funk vs Shelton Bejamin ECW Briefcase Brawl ECW Briefcase Brawl
The Miz def Matt Hardy TNA Rules Match Champ vs Champ Match
Paul Hayman vs Eugene Steel Cage

Grudge Match

Dolph Ziggler def Randy Orton I quit Match Grudge Match
|Mick Foley vs Abyss Full Metal Mayhem TNA Title
Jacob Cass(c) def Cole MacGrath

No Holds Barred Match

Side Note:(CM Punk) will serve as special guest ring announcer.)

WWE Championship
Batista def John Cena Singles Match Grudge Match

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