Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors & Results: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details:
Match #1 Alberto Del Rio def. Cody Rhodes Normal Match None
Match #2 Damien Sandow def. Bad News Barrett Normal Match Jacob Cass came out to distract BNB and get Sandow the win
Match #3 Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) def. Evan Bourne & Justin Gabriel Tag Team Match Rey Mysterio attacks Bray Wyatt post-match
Match #4 Batista def. Sheamus via pinfall Normal Match None
Match #5 (Main Event) Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns def. Nults McKagan Handicap No Holds Barred Match

Seth Rollins interferes to help the Shield, while Ned Edgewalker and Edge both interfere to help Nults, with the latter are unsuccessful


Segment/Brawl: Participants: Details: Time:
"Sheamus Calls Out the Locker Room" (segment) Sheamus & Batista Sheamus, being able to defeat his opponents from the past few weeks, asks for somebody who will give him more of a challenge. Batista comes out to accept his challenge. Between the first and second matches
"Rey Mysterio vs the Wyatt Family" (brawl) Rey Mysterio, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan Right after Luke Harper and Erick Rowan's match, Rey Mysterio attacks Bray Wyatt from behind. Mysterio is able to successfully defend himself for a time but the Wyatts eventually overpower him, eventually culminating in Rey receiving a Sister Abigal from Bray Wyatt. Directly after the third match
"Nults McKagan Defies the Authority" Nults McKagan & Triple H Nults McKagan comes out to talk about how The Shield runs rampant, doing anything they want.He criticizes Triple H for not putting the Shield in their place. Triple H comes out and puts McKagan in a handicap no-holds barred match with two Shield members as punishment for speaking out. Directly before the main event

Major EventsEdit

  • None

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