Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details:

Match #1

John Morrison def. Damien Sandow via pinfall Normal Match Winner qualifies for the World Heavyweight Championship Money In the Bank match None
Match #2 Batista def. Chavo Guerrero via knockout Normal Match None Batista said "you better watch out Bryan" into the camera after winning
Match #3 Rusev def. Cody Rhodes via submission Normal Match None This match was ordered by HHH
Match #4 Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) def. Christian via pinfall Normal Match Loser Leaves Town Match Bray Wyatt lit Christian's Smackdown contract on fire after the match
Match #5 Emma def. AJ Lee via pinfall Normal Match None Paige was a guest commentator during the match
Match #6 Rader def. Alberto Del Rio via pinfall Normal Match None None
Match #7 (Main Event) Jacob Cass (w/Evolution) def. Mick Foley (w/Rader) via pinfall Hardcore Match None Evolution helped Cass during the match, The Shield & Rader helped Foley


Segment/Brawl: Participants: Details: Time:
"Special Return" (Segment) Mick Foley Mick Foley comes out to the ring. He obscurely talks about how HHH's screwjob of Roman Reigns at Payback was despicable, but quickly digresses and says that tonight will mark the start of MITB qualifying matches. He also says a special wrestler will be returning in one of those matches, which is next. At the beginning of the show
"Punishment for Rhodes" (segment) Triple H Triple H comes out to the ring. He says that due to Cody Rhodes's disparaging comments towards him on Twitter, Rhodes will have to suffer the consequences. Triple H summons Rusev to fight Rhodes. Before the third match
"Loser Leaves Town" (segment) Bray Wyatt & Christian Christian comes out. He says that what the Wyatt Family has been doing is unacceptable; attacking and harming others for no reason. The Wyatt Family comes out. Wyatt says everybody he attacks has a reason to be attacked, including Christian himself. Christian says that he'll dedicate his entire being to stopping Bray Wyatt and, if he can't tonight, he'll leave Smackdown. Wyatt accepts. Before the fourth match
"From McKagan to Rader" (segment) Nults McKagan/Rader & Mick Foley Nults McKagan & Mick Foley come out to "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses. McKagan says that, by suggestion of his mentor Mick Foley, he's completely revamping his character. Mick Foley says McKagan's new name is "Rader" and that, when he's done with Rader, he'll be world championship material. Before the sixth match
"Evolution vs Mick Foley, Rader, & the Shield" (brawl) Evolution, Mick Foley, Rader, & the Shield During the main event, Evolution helps Jacob Cass fight Mick Foley. Rader interjects by attacking them with a barbwire baseball bat. However, the number games soon overwhelm Foley & Rader. The Shield comes out to help the two, taking out Evolution with ease. During/after the main event


  • Rusev debuts, squashing Cody Rhodes with ease
  • Christian's career on Smackdown is ended
  • Emma debuts, pinning AJ Lee for the victory
  • Nults McKagan's ring name, entrance music, and finishers are altered
  • Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins turn face after helping Mick Foley & Rader fight Evolution

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