Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Notes:
Match #1 Rader def. Kane via pinfall Normal Match Winner qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match Brock Lesnar attacks Rader post-match
Match #2 Rusev def. Evan Bourne via submission Normal Match None Rusev calls out Dolph Ziggler post-match
Match #3 Zack Blaze (w/Daniel Bryan) def. Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) via pinfall Normal Match None Luke Harper tries to cheat and help Wyatt during the match, but accidentally helps Reigns
Match #4 AJ Lee def. Natalya via submission Normal Match None Paige was on commentary for the match
Match #5 Batista def. Daniel Bryan (w/ Zack Blaze) via roll-up pin Normal Match Winner qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match Randy Orton attacked Blaze at ringside, distracting Bryan
Match #6 (Main Event) Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins via pinfall Normal Match None Rollins attacks Reigns post-match


  • (Beginning of the show) Triple H comes out to the ring. He says that, since Elimination Chamber is only a few weeks away, there will be two Elimination Chamber qualifying matches that night, and the first on those two would begin right now.
  • (After the first match) Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring after Rader's victory. A distraction from Lesnar allows Kane to give Rader a Tombstone Piledriver. Afterwards, Lesnar drags Rader outside of the ring and F5s him onto the floor.
  • (After the second match) Rusev kicks Evan Bourne out of the ring and grabs a microphone. Rusev says that, ever since his debut, nobody has been able to defeat him. He says that the fact that he hasn't received some kind of championship match yet only shows how stupid America is, rewarding the weak and ignoring the strong. He says that he wants to fight Dolph Ziggler at Elimination Chamber, to which Ziggler comes out to the ramp. Ziggler says he's sick of Rusev's "anti-American bullcrap" and that he accepts Rusev's challenge. As Ziggler gets into the ring, Rusev hits him with a jumping side kick, knocking him out. Rusev then picks him up and throws him out of the ring, grabbing his US title belt and holding it high while the Russian national anthem plays.
  • (After the fifth match) After Batista's questionable victory against Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton enters from ringside and helps Batista stomp on Bryan. Rader comes out to the ring and momentarily distracts Batista and Orton, allowing Zack Blaze to climb the top turnbuckle. When Batista & Orton turn around, Blaze dives off and hits them with a double diving DDT, then helps Bryan back to his feet.
  • (Before the sixth match) Seth Rollins comes out to the ring. He says that after his victory at the Royal Rumble, he's feeling on top of the world, as if nobody could ever stop him. He then issues an open challenge to anybody in the locker room who thinks they can beat him. Roman Reigns runs out to the ring and the match begins.
  • (After the sixth match) After Roman Reigns' clean victory against Seth Rollins, Rollins furiously goes back on the offense against Reigns. Rollins attempts to hit him with a Curb Stomp, but Reigns avoids it and retaliates with a Superman Punch. Kane comes out and attempts to help, but is Superman Punched off the apron.

Major EventsEdit

  • Rader qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match
  • Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev for the United States Championship is announced for Elimination Chamber
  • Batista qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match

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