Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Conditions/Stipulations: Additional Details:
Match #1 Goldust & Stardust def. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) via pinfall Tag Team Match Tag Team Championship None
Match #2 Bad News Barrett def. Randy Orton via pinfall Normal Match None

Randy Orton tears up the ringside area after losing

Match #3 Ned Edgewalker def. Fandango via roll-up pin Normal Match Intercontinental Championship Fandango attacks Edgewalker post-match
Match #4 Ned Edgewalker def. Fandango via roll-up pin Normal Match Intercontinental Championship Fandango invoked his rematch clause for this IC Title match
Match #5 Paige def. AJ Lee via pinfall Normal Match None AJ Lee attacks Paige and cuts a promo post-match
Match #6 Dolph Ziggler def. Damien Sandow via pinfall Normal Match None


Match #7 Roman Reigns def. Sheamus via pinfall Normal Match None Reigns & Sheamus shake hands after the match

Match #8 (Main Event)

Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose via pinfall No-Disqualification Match None Randy Orton and Batista help Rollins out during the match; there's a brawl after the match


  • (Opening of the show) Triple H comes out. He makes some announcements, including that at the Royal Rumble there will be a mini-Royal Rumble for the Women's Championship, in addition to announcing the names of many superstars to be included in the Rumble. He also announces that there will be an Intercontinental Title match later in the night, but that there would be a Tag Team Title match right now.
  • (Backstage after the second match) Randy Orton is confronted backstage by Triple H and Batista. Triple H offers Randy a spot helping the Authority out, saying that he won't regret it if he does. Orton accepts.
  • (Before the third match) Fandango grabs a microphone and gloats about how long he's been the Intercontinental Champion, saying that a wimp like Ned Edgewalker could never beat him.
  • (After the third match) Fandango, in shock of losing the Intercontinental Championship, attacks new champion Ned Edgewalker. He hits Ned with his signature Diving Leg Drop before saying he wants to use his rematch clause.
  • (After the fifth match) AJ Lee hits Paige with the Shining Wizard before grabbing a microphone. AJ says that, no matter how hard Paige tries, she can only ever be the second best female wrestler in the WWE.
  • (During/After the Main Event) Randy Orton and Batista come out during the main event and help Seth Rollins secure a victory on Dean Ambrose after a Curb Stomp onto a steel chair. Afterwards, Jacob Cass, Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett all come out to the ring and begin fighting the three. Soon, nearly the entire locker room, both pro-Authority and anti-Authority, come out and begin brawling in the ring. Soon after, Brock Lesnar comes out, giving multiple F5s to anti-Authority superstars. Triple H then comes out, saying that he forgot to mention that Brock Lesnar will be in the Rumble too.

Major EventsEdit

  • Ned Edgewalker wins the Intercontinental Championship
  • Many superstars, particularly Brock Lesnar, are announced to be in the Royal Rumble.

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