Match ResultsEdit

Match Number:

Competitors & Results: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details: Time:
Match #1 Sami Zayn def Damien Sandow via pinfall None None 8:12
Match #2 Roman Reigns def Sting via pinfall For the Intercontinental Championship None 11:47
Match #3 Jeff Hardy def Kane via disqualification None Kane attacked Jeff Hardy with a sledgehammer, but CM Punk came out to help Jeff mid-attack 7:19
Match #4 Sheamus def Curtis Axel via submission None Sheamus dominated almost the entire match 4:57
Match #5 (Main Event) Nults McKagan and Ned Edgewalker def Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins via pinfall None None 15:46


Segment: Participants: Details:
"The United States Championship" Sami Zayn, Bad News Barrett, and Damien Sandow After the Zayn/Sandow match that opened Smackdown, Zayn says that he's back and he's back to win titles. Zayn says that since he just beat Sandow, the former U.S. Champion, then he should be given a title match. Bad News Barrett comes out, and as Sandow complains to Zayn about his proposal, BNB tells Sandow he's "got some bad news" and gives him the Bullhammer. BNB says he'd be glad to give Zayn a match at Extreme Rules.
"The Return of Sheamus" Sheamus After beating Curtis Axel, Sheamus grabs a microphone. Sheamus talks about how he's in better shape than he ever has been and he's ready to "go for the gold." 

Major EventsEdit

  • Sami Zayn returns after months of unexplained absence.
  • CM Punk and Jeff Hardy show hints of forming an alliance or friendship of sorts.
  • Sheamus returns after a couple of months of unexplained absence.

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