Sin Cara5

Debut Edit

Sin Cara would debut attacking Abyss making himself face, he would later defeat Primo, he would form a friendship with Jim Logan before he turned heel, he would then form a friendship with Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero

Move To Smackdown, Return, Sin Cara Azul and injury Edit

Sin would be drafted to Smackdown in the 2011 Draft. On Smackdown, he would be announced as The Undefeated Sensation with him never losing a match. He would later join The Xtreme Alliance and at The Final Battle PPV he will team with Daniel Bryan to face CM Punk and David Otunga for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Sin Cara would score his first title defeating The Nexus for the WWE Tag Team Championship with Daniel Bryan. Months later at SummerMania, Sin Cara suffered his first(tag team) loss, losing the tag team championships. He would suffer his second tag team loss on the WWE Friday Night Smackdown Edpisode 8/19/11 after being pinned by Justin Gabriel. The "Real"(formally Original) Sin Cara returned after Sin Cara Negro was shown as an imposter who attacked Sin Cara(Azul) after the 8/19/11 Smackdown. and Azul revealed he was going for revenge. Azul would go on to defeat Negro on several occasions before unmasking Negro in a Mask vs Mask match, thus most likely ending their feud. Negro would return to WWE, with a mask similar to Azul, only with the colors switched(gold where blue is and blue where gold is on Azul's mask). Azul would then go onto continue feuding with him. After a brief feud with Hunico(formaly Sin Cara Negro) Azul(now going back to just Sin Cara) was injured in a Survivor Series tag team match, missing a senton and getting injured

Brand Switches(2012-Present).Edit

Sin Cara would sign with ECW Revival, and on his first night on the show was crowned new European Champion. He would later lose the title however. Months later, Sin Cara would start a friendly feud with former partner Daniel Bryan before going inactive. After the ECW brand closed, Sin Cara was made a superstar of Raw. Upon his return to Raw, Sin Cara was placed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the PPV with the same name. Cara would also be put into a friendly feud with AJ Styles. After Money in The Bank, Sin Cara recived a push, defeating Lord Tensai and The Great Khali over the course of two weeks.
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