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Dark Match

Sin Cara (w/Rey Mysterio) def Darren Young (w/Titus O'Neil) via pinfall None None 3:38
Match #1 Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) def AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy via submission Winner contends for the Tag Team Championship at Battleground None 8:46
Match #2 Damien Sandow def Matt Hardy via countout None None 4:32
Match #3 Sami Zayn def Mark Henry via pinfall None None 7:31
Match #4 Zack Blaze and Mr. Kennedy fight to a double countout None They brawled outside the ring post-match 6:48
Match #5 Wade Barrett def Dolph Ziggler via submission The Miz acted as Special Guest Referee Ziggler didn't actually tap out 10:46
Dark Match Dolph Ziggler def Wade Barrett via submission None This match was restarted abruptly on account of Miz's faulty refereeing


Major EventsEdit

  • The Miz is announced as being unable to ever compete again due to a severe leg injury
  • The Miz becomes General Manager of Smackdown
  • Teddy Long is demoted to Assisant General Manager of Smackdown
  • Damien Sandow defeats the United States Champion
  • Zack Blaze and Mr. Kennedy begin a rivalry
  • Wade Barrett and The Miz enter allegiance
  • Wade Barrett turns heel
  • Teddy Long and The Miz begin a rivalry over authority to control Smackdown after Long restarts the Ziggler/Barrett match

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