Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details:
Match #1 Dolph Ziggler (c) def. Damien Sandow via pinfall Normal Match United States Championship None
Match #2 Paige and AJ Lee simultaneously eliminate each other 10-woman Royal Rumble Women's Championship Paige and AJ Lee are announced to be co-champions
Match #3 Randy Orton & Batista (w/Triple H) def. Stardust & Goldust (c) via pinfall Tag Team Match WWE Tag Team Championship This was an impromptu match made by Triple H
Match #4 Daniel Bryan & Zack Blaze def. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) via pinfall Tag Team Match None Wyatt attacks Harper post-match
Match #5 Jacob Cass (c) def. Dean Ambrose via pinfall Normal Match WWE Championship None
Match #6 (Main Event) Seth Rollins wins by last eliminating Rader 30-man Royal Rumble Match Winner receives a match for the WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania 31 Brock Lesnar interfered to help Rollins eliminate Rader


  • (After the second match) Mick Foley comes to the ring. He says that, due to Paige and AJ Lee simultaneously eliminating each other from the 10-woman Royal Rumble match, they will be co-champions until further notice
  • (Between the second and third match) Triple H comes out to the ring. He says that, since the match card is "not plentiful enough in title matches," an impromptu match would be made for the WWE Tag Team Championships. He brings Randy Orton & Batista out to the ring and begins the match.
  • (Before the fourth match) Daniel Bryan comes out. He says that, since he's not scheduled to be in the Royal Rumble, he's issuing an open challenge to anybody in the locker room to fight him. Bray Wyatt comes out with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan and, without saying a word, sends Harper and Rowan to fight Bryan. Suddenly, Zack Blaze makes a surprise return to aide Bryan and a tag team match begins.
  • (After the fourth match) Bray Wyatt, frustrated with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan's loss, attacks Harper, who was the one pinned during the match. He throws Harper into the steel steps and, after dragging Harper's body up the ramp, hits him with the Sister Abigail onto the ramp, all while a conflicted Rowan looks on.
  • (After the sixth match) After Brock Lesnar distracts Rader, allowing Seth Rollins to win the Rumble, Rader angrily goes after Lesnar. After tackling Lesnar into the steel steps, Rollins comes outside the ring and helps Lesnar; Randy Orton and Batista do the same. However, Daniel Bryan, Zack Blaze, and Roman Reigns come out to help Rader. After a short brawl, Rader is caught off guard and given a Curb Stomp by Seth Rollins against the steel steps. Rollins then celebrates his victory in the ring, with Brock Lesnar keeping him from falling over.

Major EventsEdit

  • Paige & AJ Lee become co-Women's Champions
  • Randy Orton & Batista become Tag Team Champions
  • Zack Blaze returns to active competition after an absense of many months
  • Rader returns to active competition after an absense of many months
  • Seth Rollins wins the 2015 Royal Rumble, securing a spot in the main event of Wrestlemania 31

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