Revolt would debut, after being voted Next Big Trash Talker, on the new NXT


When NXT was closed, Revolt was voted on as the best one there, and he went to ECW, and would form a rivalry with HELL. During this time, Revolt would form a friendship with CM Punk.

In WrestlingEdit


Flash Kick/Flashing Kick (Springboard rolling kick from the second ropes, sometimes while running)

Flash Cutter/Flashing Cutter (Cuttter)


Coming Back to Me Baby-knee to gut, to bulldog, to a diving Double Underhook DDT Moonsault




Backflip into a reverse DDT

Jumping stunner

Flipping Stunner

Springboard moves (Various)

tigerbomb transitioned into a double knee facesbuster

Other MediaEdit

Oh Zack Ryder's YouTube Show Z! True Island Story Revolt was shown to be friends with Phillip Brooks, and woud ask Phill to train him. The show ended with Phillip saying "He would think about it."


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