Kane at the showtime event in December 2010

Ring name(s)

==[[|[1]]] red x x==

Billed height 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)[[|[1]]]
Billed weight 323 lb (147 kg)[[|[1]]]
Born April 26, 1967 (1967-04-26) (age 44)[[|[3]]][[|[4]]]born in hell[3][4][5]
Resides hell
Billed from Parts Unknown[[|[1]]]
Debut June 18, 2011

red x a juggernut how took out additude alfer he won his first title shot his moves are x mark the spot the geart battle between additude and gole and blue x he won 10 title in 1 year somje people called him the god of wrestling some the satin of pain he so far listed 7 in the geatest juggernut ever he got sick of the fame so he toke some time off and came back at hcw but leading the naf was to hard so he talk to jim logan and sign a contract aslo we dont know ween he will wrestler but wen he do you can learn a thing or 2 he come form hell or that want he told at the interview he said some thing we can tell on bio but we can tell you something wen he wrestling you can(no will )fell pain and agony

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