Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Conditions/Stipulations: Additional Details:
1 Rader def. Mark Henry via pinfall Normal Match None Rader cuts a promo post-match
2 Christian def. Curtis Axel via pinfall Normal Match None None
3 Erick Rowan def. Luke Harper via pinfall Normal Match None Bray Wyatt's face appeared on the titantron, distracting Harper
4 AJ Lee & Alicia Fox def. Paige & Emma via roll-up pinfall Tag Team Match None Lee distracted Paige on the apron, allowing Fox to win with a roll-up pin
5 Kane, Big Show, Randy Orton & Batista def. Daniel Bryan & Zack Blaze via pinfall Four-on-Two Handicap Match None None
6 Seth Rollins def. Bad News Barrett via pinfall Normal Match None Orton, Batista & Rollins assaulted BNB post-match


  • (Beginning of the show) Triple H comes out to the ring with Seth Rollins, Big Show, Kane, Randy Orton and Batista. Triple H states that, since Vince isn't here tonight, he's running the show entirely himself; the way it should be run. He goes on to state that later in the night, Big Show, Kane, Randy Orton and Batista will face Daniel Bryan and Zack Blaze in a four-on-two handicap match, which prompts Bad News Barrett to come to the ring. Barrett says what Triple H is doing to superstars simply because they don't agree with him is unacceptable, and if he thinks it'll continue after Wrestlemania then Barrett's afraid he's got some "bad news." Triple H then says that Barrett will have a match with Seth Rollins later in the night as well, and if he thinks he's walking away the victor then he's got some "bad news" of his own, mocking Barrett's catch phrase.
  • (After the first match) Rader grabs a microphone. He says that what happened to Mark Henry should be a glimpse into the future for Brock Lesnar, only his defeat will be more painful. He says that Brock won't be able to stand once he's done with him at Wrestlemania, joking that, since Lesnar got blindsided by a one-legged man once, a man with two legs would easily be able to take him down. He also says that Brock knows this, since he intentionally didn't come to Raw tonight.
  • (After the main event) After Seth Rollins' victory over Bad News Barrett, Rollins calls out Randy Orton and Batista to the ring. After delivering a second curb stomp to BNB, Rollins bring the steel steps into the ring. He has Batista and Orton lift BNB onto his shoulders, performing a triple powerbomb onto the steps. Bad News Barrett is then carted out of the arena on a stretcher, announced to have been injured.

Major EventsEdit

  • Bad News Barrett is injured. He will be out for at least four months with a back injury.

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