Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details:
Match #1 Stardust def. Xavier Woods via pinfall Normal Match None None
Match #2 Dolph Ziggler def. Sami Zayn via submission Normal Match None Triple H announces Zayn will have to defend his title on Smackdown due to his loss
Match #3 John Cena def. Chris Jericho via pinfall Normal Match None None
Match #4 Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) def. Zack Ryder & Sin Cara Tag Team Match None Bray Wyatt cuts a promo post-match
Match #5 Rusev def. The Great Khali via submission Normal Match None None
Match #6 Edge def. Jacob Cass via pinfall Normal Match None Cass tried to attack Edge post-match; Edge's victory was a small package pin
Match #7 CM Punk def. Bad News Barrett via pinfall Normal Match None None
Match #8 (Main Event) Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins fight to a double countout Normal Match None The two continue fighting post-match


Segment/Brawl Participants: Details: Time:
"The WWE Champion" (segment) Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Paul Heyman Seth Rollins comes out to the ring, receiving large disapproval from the audience. Rollins grabs a microphone and says the audience's booing is unwarranted because Rollins did what he needed to win, which is how a good competitor operates. However, he also says that he doesn't care if they boo because their opinions are worthless to him. Dean Ambrose comes out, saying that Rollins only won the championship by betraying his friends. Rollins says friends don't matter in the scheme of things unless they can help him win, which he wasn't doing in the Shield. Paul Heyman comes out and, noticing there's tension between the two, makes a match between them for later in the night. He then tells them to save their frustrations for the ring and leaves. Beginning of the show
"Paper Champion" (segment) Triple H Triple H comes out after Ziggler's victory against Sami Zayn. He refers to Zayn as a "paper champion" and says he can't seem to win any matches regardless that he's the "Champion of the entire United States." He then goes on to say that Zayn will defend his title on that week's Smackdown in a gauntlet match and tells Zayn to prepare himself. After the second match
"The Undertaker" (segment) Bray Wyatt After the Wyatt Family tosses Zack Ryder and Sin Cara out of the ring, Bray Wyatt grabs a microphone. He says that while Undertaker's return may have been unexpected, it won't last. Bray says that the "Demon of Death Valley" isn't as much of a demon as the WWE Universe seems to think.  After the fourth match
"Jacob Cass vs Edge" (brawl) Jacob Cass, Edge, Roman Reigns, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, Kurt Angle After Edge beat Jacob Cass by surprise with a small package pin, Cass angrily attacked Edge. Roman Reigns came out to try and help Edge. Reigns was nearily able to spear Cass, but Evolution came out to assist Cass. the group began beating Reigns and Edge down. While Rusev suplexed Edge onto the steel steps, Cass, Ziggler & Angle performed a triple powerbomb on Reigns through the announce table, mocking the Shield's old three-man finisher. The three then held their fists out at a central point, mocking the Shield's taunt. After the sixth match
"Still on the Search" CM Punk, Bad News Barrett & Paul Heyman After Punk defeats Bad News Barrett, he gets a microphone. He says that just because he lost his WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank doesn't mean his search for the WWE Championship is done. Bad News Barrett grabs a microphone and says that he was WWE Champion last, which means he gets a rematch first. Paul Heyman comes out and says that Barrett is right, but ambiguously adds that Punk will get a title shot "when the timing is right." After the seventh match
"Not There to Help" (backstage segment) Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose A hurt Roman Reigns encounters Dean Ambrose preparing for his match against Rollins. Reigns asks Ambrose why he wasn't out there to help while Reigns got put through a table by Evolution. Ambrose tells him that he didn't know Reigns would go out there "picking a fight" with Cass. Ambrose then says he would have had no problem dismembering Cass if he had known the fight was going to happen. Reigns looks angrily at Ambrose, but walks away without saying anything else. Before the seventh match
"Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins" (brawl) Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins After Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins fight to a double countout, they continue their brawl outside of the ring. Ambrose gets a chair and begins hitting Rollins with it repeatedly. As Ambrose is about to give Rollins a "Dirty Deeds" headlock driver onto the chair, Rollins hits Ambrose with a low blow. Rollins then hits Ambrose with a chair and gives him a Curb Stomp onto the chair to end the show. During/After the main event

Major EventsEdit

  • The Shield hint at signs of dissolution
  • Dean Ambrose debuts a new attire (white tank-top and blue jeans). Jerry Lawler referred to Ambrose as "the everyman"
  • Both Ambrose and Rollins debuted a new entrance theme.
  • Seth Rollins hints at joining a "higher power" on Twitter after the show.

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