Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Conditions/Stipulations: Additional Details:
Match #1 Stardust (w/Goldust) def. Titus O'Neil via pinfall Normal Match None Stardust and Goldust cover Titus in gold glitter after the match
Match #2 AJ Styles def. The Miz via pinfall Normal Match None Miz attempted to protect his face from a kick, allowing Styles to win with a roll-up pin
Match #3 Rusev def. The Great Khali via submission Normal Match None None
Match #4 Bo Dallas def. Heath Slater via pinfall Normal Match None Bo Dallas cuts a promo post-match
Match #5 Cesaro def. Chris Jericho via countout Normal Match None None
Match #6 Roman Reigns def. Big Show via pinfall Normal Match None None
Match #7 CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) def. Batista (w/Triple H) via submission Normal Match None None
Match #8 (Main Event) Jacob Cass def. Seth Rollins via disqualification Normal Match None Rollins tried to get counted out, and when Cass chased him Brock Lesnar attacked


Segment/Brawl: Participants: Details: Time:
"Title Celebration" (segment) Evolution Evolution comes out at the beginning of the show. Triple H congratulates Jacob Cass and Seth Rollins on retaining their championships, while telling Dolph Ziggler that he will get another opportunity at the US Championship in the future. HHH then offers Cass and Rollins steel chairs to take a seat in. They both take a seat. However, HHH exchanges glances with Rusev, who then hits a seated Cass with his side kick. Ziggler and Kurt Angle go to Cass's aid, but then are also assaulted by Rusev and the other members of Evolution. Rollins folds up his chair and hits Cass with it, while Rusev locks Ziggler in the Accolade submission and Batista locks Angle in the Batista Bite submission. HHH then says that you either need to adapt or perish, and that Cass, Ziggler and Angle made the wrong choice. He and the remaining three members of Evolution leave the ring, leaving Cass, Ziggler and Angle hurt in the ring. Beginning of the show
"Hollywood Miz" (segment) The Miz & AJ Styles The Miz comes out to the ring after the first match. He says that he's been neglected for some time by the WWE universe and the people running things behind the curtain. He says he's a movie star and that him being champion, no matter who else is costed the title, is what's best for the WWE to make money. Miz says that his 'moneymaker' face could be profitable for WWE, and therefore shouldn't be touched by any other superstars. AJ Styles then comes out and tells Miz he won't be able to win if he isn't willing to take some gambles. Miz challenges Styles to prove it. Before the second match
"Dean Ambrose vs Rusev" (backstage brawl/segment) Dean Ambrose & Rusev Rusev goes backstage after his victory against the Great Khali. Suddenly, Dean Ambrose attacks him with a bat. Ambrose eventually hits Rusev with a Dirty Deeds headlock driver and then begins talking into the camera. Ambrose says that he's sick of Triple H's abuse of power and that he's sick of Seth Rollins. Ambrose then states that if Triple H has no interest in giving him a shot at Rollins, he'll just go for a shot at HHH himself. Ambrose then hits Rusev with the baseball bat again before walking away. After the third match
"Bolieve" (segment) Bo Dallas After the debuting Bo Dallas's victory against Heath Slater, Dallas grabs a microphone. He kneels down beside Heath and tells him that he, too, can be a winner if he just 'bolieves.' Slater then slaps Dallas and rolls out of the ring. After the fourth match
"The Highlight Reel" (segment) Chris Jericho & Cesaro Chris Jericho comes out to the ring with the Highlight Reel setup in it. Jericho is about to announce who his guest that night is, when Cesaro comes out. Cesaro says for too long, WWE has overlooked aspiring talents like him in favor of older, washed-up wrestlers like Jericho. Jericho says if Cesaro really thinks he's old and washed up, they should have a match. Cesaro agrees, immediately hitting Jericho with an uppercut before the match began Before the fifth match
"Too Much Power" (segment) Paul Heyman & Triple H Paul Heyman comes out to the ring. He says that in recent weeks, Triple H has been making most of the decisions on Raw. Heyman says that this is unacceptable and says the WWE universe deserves a wrestling program not run by a biased executive. Triple H then comes out, angrily stating that Heyman has enough power over the show and if he continues to press for more he'll get fired. Heyman says that even if he gets fired, he always has a fallback plan; becoming a full-time manager. This prompts CM Punk to come out, who Heyman says he will begin managing again. Him and Punk shake hands, prompting for Triple H to angrily call out Batista. Triple H then says the two will have a match right now. Before the seventh match
"Jacob Cass vs Brock Lesnar" (brawl) Jacob Cass & Brock Lesnar Seth Rollins attempts to walk away from his match with Jacob Cass. Jacob Cass leaves the ring to try and bring him back. When he gets near Rollins, Brock Lesnar comes out of the crowd and attacks Cass. Cass, blindsided, attempts to throw in a few punches but to no avail. Brock Lesnar lifts Cass onto his shoulders and gives him an F5, sending him stomach-first onto the top of the barricade to end the show. During/After the main event

Major EventsEdit

  • Jacob Cass, Dolph Ziggler and Kurt Angle are ejected from Evolution
  • Jacob Cass turns face
  • Dolph Ziggler turns face
  • Cesaro turns heel
  • Brock Lesnar returns and joins Evolution

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