Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details:
Match #1 Luke Harper def. Sin Cara via pinfall Normal Match None Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan didn't accompany Harper
Match #2 Rusev def. Santino Marella via submission Normal Match None Rusev held the submission on Santino post-match, prompting Dolph Ziggler to attack
Match #3 Rader def. Chavo Guerrero via pinfall Normal Match None Rader cuts a promo post-match
Match #4 Shawn Michaels & Kofi Kingston def. Ned Edgewalker & Curtis Axel via roll-up pin Tag Team Match None None
Match #5 Daniel Bryan (w/Zack Blaze) def. Randy Orton (w/Batista) via disqualification Normal Match None Batista interfered mid-match and attacked Bryan more post-match
Match #6 Roman Reigns def. Kane 2-1 Two-out-of-Three Falls Match If Roman Reigns loses, he will lose his spot in the Elimination Chamber None
Match #7 (Main Event) Jacob Cass & Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins & Big Show Tag Team Match None Cass and Ambrose had a confrontation post-match after Ambrose stole the match win


  • (Beginning of the show) Triple H comes out to the ring. He says that Roman Reigns was impressive in his Elimination Chamber spot defense last Thursday on Smackdown, but that lightning never strikes twice. HHH says that tonight, Reigns will have to beat Kane in a two-out-of-three falls match. He states that two others Chamber match competitors, Jacob Cass and Dean Ambrose, who have been having problems recently, will have to "work it out" by tag-teaming against Seth Rollins and the Big Show in the main event.
  • (After the second match) As Rusev continued holding Santino in the Accolade submission hold, Dolph Ziggler's music played. As Rusev broke the hold and was prepared to attack him from the ramp, Ziggler came in from the crowd behind and assaulted Rusev with a chair. After a few shots, Ziggler tossed him the chair and superkicked him in the face with it. However, as Ziggler was preparing for the Zig Zag, Rusev grabbed the ropes and pushed Ziggler away. Then, as Ziggler ran towards him, he delivered a jumping side kick, knocking Ziggler out. Stretchers took both Santino and Ziggler away, although neither suffered major injuries.
  • (After the third match) Rader grabs a microphone. He says that if Brock Lesnar is the man he claims to be, he'll come out and have a match with him right then and there. Suddenly, a video of Lesnar walking to the ring appears on the titantron. However, this is revealed to be a tape as Lesnar comes up from behind and german suplexes Rader while the video is still playing. He then lifts Rader over his shoulders and F5s him out of the ring and to the floor.
  • (During/After the fifth match) As Daniel Bryan is getting the upper hand on Randy Orton, Batista grabs him by his feet from the outside of the ring and drags him out, getting Orton disqualified. Orton goes out of the ring and attacks Bryan as well, prompting Zack Blaze to go to the top rope. As Batista and Orton notice Blaze, Blaze dives off of the top rope to the outside and delivers a double diving DDT to Batista and Orton, knocking them both out. He then helps Bryan to the locker room.
  • (After the main event) After Ambrose tagged himself in at the last minute and won the match for him and Cass, Ambrose and Cass had a staredown. Cass questioned why he tagged himself in when he clearly didn't need any help. Ambrose said it didn't matter, to which Cass shoved him. With the momentum from the shove, Ambrose attempted to perform a pendulum lariat off the ropes, but as he rebounded he was hit with a superkick from Cass. After Ambrose was taken care of, Big Show hit Cass with a KO punch from behind. Big Show then kept Cass up so Rollins could give him a curb stomp.

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