Match ResultsEdit

Match Number: Competitors/Results: Match Type: Conditions/Stipulations: Additional Details:
Match #1 Kane (w/Triple H, Seth Rollins & Brock Lesnar) def. Roman Reigns via pinfall Normal Match Winner qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match Rollins and Lesnar cheated to help Kane win
Match #2 Roman Reigns def. Kane via pinfall Normal Match Winner qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match This match was made by Vince McMahon to nullify the previous one
Match #3 Dolph Ziggler def. Cesaro via pinfall Normal Match None Ziggler cuts a promo post-match
Match #4 Kofi Kingston def. Ned Edgewalker via pinfall Normal Match None Shawn Michaels distracts Ned to help Kofi win; HBK leaves before Ned can confront him
Match #5 AJ Lee def. Emma via submission Normal Match None Paige confronts AJ post-match
Match #6 Rader def. Big Show via disqualification Normal Match None Brock Lesnar interfered to attack Rader
Match #7 (Main Event) Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt via pinfall No-Disqualification Match Winner qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match None


  • (Beginning of the show) Triple H comes out to the ring. He says that there are two more spots that need to be filled in the Elimination Chamber match. Triple H says later in the night, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt will fight in a no-disqualification match for one of the spots. Roman Reigns comes out and says that since he beat Triple H's pretty boy, Seth Rollins, last week, that he deserves to be in one of the matches. Triple H says Reigns will, and that the match is up next.
  • (After the first match) Vince McMahon comes out to the ring. He says that the way Kane won is unacceptable and, as a result, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and Triple H must all leave ringside area and a rematch will take place.
  • (After the third match) Dolph Ziggler grabs a microphone. He says that since Rusev has come to WWE, all he's done is pick on guys who don't stand a chance against him, and disparage America. However, Ziggler goes on to say that his fight at Elimination Chamber with Rusev won't be a "Russia vs America" fight, but rather an "asshole vs non-asshole" fight. Rusev then comes out to the ring with a Russian flag and, as he attempts to hit Ziggler with it, is hit in the face with not one, but two Superkicks. As he stands dazed against the ropes, with his back to Ziggler, Ziggler hits him with a Zig Zag.
  • (After the fifth match) After AJ's submission victory over Emma, Paige comes out to the ring. She says that she can't be co-champion with anybody, let alone a low-life cheater like AJ. Paige says that at Elimination Chamber, the two will have a match. AJ accepts and kicks Paige in the stomach, before applying the Black Widow submission hold. However, AJ can't fully apply it and Paige musters up the strength to break the hold, reversing it into a Paige Turner.
  • (During/After the sixth match) Brock Lesnar comes out and begins attacking Rader during his match. As Lesnar seems to be getting the advantage on Rader, Rader kicks Lesnar below the belt and hits him with a Butterfly DDT. Rader then gets a chair and begins beating on Lesnar with it, before he's able to get up and flee the scene.

Major EventsEdit

  • Roman Reigns qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match
  • Dean Ambrose qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match

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