1st Opponent 2nd Opponent 3rd Opponent 4th Opponent Way of Victory Stipulation
Jeff Hardy (Win) Ric Flair None None Swanton Bomb, Pin None
Damien Sandow Bad News Barrett (Win) None None Bullhammer, Pin U.S. Title match
Chris Jericho (Win) Shawn Micheals None None Walls of Jericho, Submission None
AJ Lee (Win) Vickie Guerrero None None Black Widow, Submission None
Nults McKagan (Win) Jacob Cass The Sheild (Summoned by HHH Interference) Ned Edgewalker (Saving Nults, Interference) DQ None



1st Member 2nd Member Details

Zack Blaze Championship Celebration

Zack Blaze Jacob Cass Opening Segment, Cass comes out in a suit, and uses his rematch clause for Extreme Rules. He hits Blaze with a chair after the two shake hands. Cass said the following after the chair shot: "You think you're better than me?! I'm the Blueblood! I am the greatest! You got lucky you mother fucker!"
CM Punk Return Kane CM Punk Kane is trashing a Injured superstar for being a 'wimp' and that he should still be wrestling. Punk attacks Kane after months of Absence from WWE.

Major EventsEdit

  • Bad News Barrett has won the U.S. Title!
  • Jacob Cass turns his back on the WWE fans.
  • CM Punk returns after months of Absence from WWE.
  • Ned Edgewalker & Nults McKagan form a Friendship after Nults is saved by the WHC.

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