Match Number: Competitors & Results: Stipulations/Conditions: Additional Details:
Match #1 AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy None None
Match #2 Ned Edgewalker & Drew McIntyre def. Ryback & The Great Khali None Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose attacked Edgewalker & McIntyre after the match.

Match #3 Victor Creed Logan def. Stan Sylvester Winner moves to the finals in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament at Extreme Rules 2014 None

Match #4

Shawn Micheals vs. Sting None Match ends in a double count out
Match #5 (Main Event) Zack Blaze & CM Punk & Daniel Bryan def. Jacob Cass & Kane & Big Show None

Cass claims that he kicked out of the pin, but the Refree gives Blazes' team the win. The refree is hit with a chair by Cass and set on fire by Kane after the match is decided.


Nults McKagan is attacked by Seth Rollins McKagan is in the middle of an interview before his match with Ned Edgewalker, but he is hit from behind by Rollins with a Fire Extinguisher and hit multiple times by Rollins with a Sledge Hammer. He is deemed unable to compete and is replaced by Drew McIntyre.
Intercontinental Championship Match hype-up A promo hyping the match between Cesaro & Victor Creed Logan at Extreme Rules 2014.
Shawn Micheals & Sting backstage fight Micheals & Sting confronted eachother back stage after their double count-out match and get into a fight after Micheals calls Sting a old dog who doesn't know when to quit.
Jacob Cass & Bad News Barrett confrontation. Cass boasts to Barrett on how great he is and that he is underrated, and Barrett responds by saying "At least I can beat my rivals"

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