The Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler feud is a feud currently happening in WWE.


Before starting an actual feud with one another, Orton and Ziggler had a small series of matches against each other, on several episodes of Money Night Raw, with Orton going 2-1. These matches were fairly well recived.

The feudEdit

In this feud, Orton and Ziggler would start a feud after Ziggler claimed himself to be "The Legand Killer" with Orton, who had a "Legend Killer" gimmick, Orton and Ziggler challenged each other to a match, where if Orton won, Orton could decide if Ziggler could continue his gimmick, if Ziggler won, he would get full rights to it. They met in WWE's first-ever WWE Death Match, in which was fairly well recived, and Orton came out the victor. The following night, with an injury from said match, Orton annoucned Ziggler would allow to continue to use the gimmick. Orton out of respect accepted a feud-ending rematch in an I Quit Match.


This feud was extremely well recieved

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