she kicks ass

Name: Danikha Lee

Ring Name: Pyro Weight: 110 pounds. Height: 5'1 Billed From: Reno, Nevada Signature move: Play With Fire, a flying clothesline/roll up pin combination. Theme: My Obsession-Skillet Danikha is an outspoken firecracker with tons of personality. She likes to play with fire, and enjoys video games, pyrotechnics, and karaoke. She is the main character in the story Play With Fire. When Dani meets Kane, hell breaks loose. With the help of Mark and Andy, and her hero Kane, Dani learns to navigate the business with ease. She got out of a gang at the age of sixteen, and traveled to Pennsylvania, where she trained under Colt Cabana at Ring of Honor. Dani has red hair with white streaks, and light blue eyes.

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