punk hazard

Early careerEdit

ROH(Ring of Honor)(2009 - 2011)Edit

Punk would debut in ROH as a heel and having several well-recieved feuds with Samoa Joe]] and Austin Aries before winning the ROH World title on two occasions, each losing to Bryan Danielson. Punk would be released from ROH after Punk attacked The other Punk at a WWE/ROH crossover event.

WWE/World Wreslting Entertainment(2012-Present)Edit

It was announced via Twitter in January 2012 that Punk Hazard(Now going under Hazard) signed a 1 year deal with WWE. It was later announced that Punk Hazzard would become heavily involved with the ECW Brand. During an overseas tour, Hazard would suffer a minor hand injury in a match against Crimson but would still go to ROH and NJW(New Japan Wrestling) to scout talent for WWE

He would go back to ECW

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