the New World Order (stylised nWo) is a heel stable operating in WWE on the Raw Brand.

New World Order




CM Punk(leader)

Daniel Bryan
Brock Lesnar
Paul Heyman(manager)
Kevin Nash
The Miz(former member)
Jacob Cass(former leader)
Sheamus(former member)
Sting(former member)
Ted DiBiase(former member)

Formation & Jacob's leadershipEdit

The nWo was [re]formed under Jacob Cass with Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, The Miz and Ted DiBiase, helping him retain the title against CM Punk. With it, he annoucned the nWo would reign supereme. After the show it was announced Lord Tensai had joined the ranks.Shortly after their formation, Cass revealed they had a "secret" member whom could get them any match tey wanted against anyone, get them out of anything, anytime they wanted. With this revelation, Cass announced an Intercontinental Championship Match later in the night, and that the other members would have a rock paper sisscors match to get the title match. The Miz won this rps challenge and defeated Christian with help from the rest of the nWo. Cass also held a match Sting vs Daniel Bryan, and during that match, similarly to the Miz/Cage match, nWo again made a run in defeating Sting, forcing him into the nWo, Cass then made the annoucnement that if any nWo members attempted to force an uprising, that he would make sure that they were fired. After SummerSlam, Wade Barrett was removed from the nWo and fired from Raw after Wade refused to hit Justin Gabriel with the Wasteland.

Punk's LeadershipEdit

At Clash of the Champions, Jacob Cass was screwed out of the WWE title after Earl Hebner called for the bell after Punk locked in an Andoconda Vice, despite Jacob not tapping out. Following the match, Jacob was kicked out of the nWo. The following night, The Miz and Daniel Bryan announced they were under "new management", and CM Punk arrived, announcing he would bring WWE back to it's former glory. He also renamed the group "nWo Wolfpack". On his first night, Punk oustead Sheamus, Ted DiBiase and Sting from the group after they failed to win their six man tag team match against John Cena, Randy Orton and Ryback. Punk would later instate Brock Lesnar as a member. In November 2012, The Miz left the group, hitting Nash with a Skull Crushing Finalie after he saw Punk was only using him as a tool to keep the WWE Championship. The nWo would then quietly dissolve by the end of 2012. By Royal Rumble 2013, there was no on screen mention of the nWo.
CM Punk NWO Wolfpac Mashup - "WolfPunk"02:53

CM Punk NWO Wolfpac Mashup - "WolfPunk"

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