Nappa is a superstar signed to WWE currently working on its Raw Brand.


Debut and Face Turn and DepartureEdit

Nappa would make is on screen debut in WWE helping Vegeta attack Goku. After two months of attacking Goku, Nappa would suffer a string of losses on behalf of The Saiyan Elite. In a tag team match alongside Vegeta, Vegeta would turn on Nappa, turning Nappa face. The following TNA, it was annoucned Nappa would join Team Goku against Team Vegeta. The following week, Nappa would get his first singles win as a face, defeating Vince. Later, he would assist Goku, after Goku defeated Mark Henry, Vegeta would attack Goku, and Nappa would make the save. After months of only appearing on WWE Superstars, Nappa would be released on January 30,2012. In storyline he was injured by Mark Henry

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