Next World Order(formerly New New World Order and The Wolfepack/Wolfpack) is a face group working in WWE mainly performing on the Raw SuperShow brand,


The group was fromed out of friendhships made with CM Punk, John Cena(co Leaders), Zack Ryder, Randy Orton and The Rock. Throughout late 2011 into early 2011, a group was being formed by friendship instead of rivalries, starting with Punk and John Cena who at the time were friendly rivals, after teaming to beat Awesome Truth, they were seen on-screen more often. After beating Miz and Truth, Cena became friends with Zack Ryder, helping Ryder win the United States Championship. At Survivor Series, Cena's friendship/rivarly with The Rock against Awesome Truth earned Rock a spot in the group.In Late 2011, the group was seen for the first time together on-screen, being named "The Wolfpack", the following WWE Superstars, the name header called them "The Wolfepack"(possibly a typo) The following Smackdown they were named "The New New World Order"(The N.N.W.O) by John Cena. Before the Last Raw of 2011 CM Punk calling the group "offically" The Next World Order (N.W,O)

The first feuds the group came into was against Kurt Angle over the Undisputed WWE Championship after CM Punk lost it at the Royal Rumble. The night following the Rumble, Zack Ryder attempted to win back the title for the group but would come up short after passing out to the Ankle Lock. Punk would win the title back at a House Show and will defend it at Elimination Chamber. After WrestleMania, The Rock left the group.

Booking PowerEdit

The Next World Order, operates simliarly to the Origainal nWo with them having substantial booking power and match making on Raw, Smackdown,Impact and Nitro. This is evident with CM Punk making a WWE Title match at a House Show, and John Cena getting Zack Ryder as WWE title match.

In May 2012 - June 2012, the group quietly disbanded,


CM Punk~Leader

John Cena~Co Leader

Randy Orton

Zack Ryder

Daniel Bryan

Sin Cara


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