Vince McMahon better known as Mr. McMahon is current CEO of WWE

Various FeudsEdit

Throught 2007 - 2010 McMahon would have feuds against Donald Trump, Jim Logan DX Randy Orton, and Bret Hart and in each McMahon would end up on the losing end(excluding the feud against Randy Orton and the Legacy, in which Triple H defeated Orton). After the feud against Legacy ended, he would be attacked by The Nexus resulting in an injury and coma.

Sprodic Apperances (2011 - Present)Edit

McMahon would then take up small, short apperances, inculding the Rock's Birthday party, and eventual firing of John Cena(which was overturned), and minutes after firing John, it was annoucned that the WWE Board of Directors has removed Vince from power.

In 2012, it was announced that the Board that re-instated Vince, and he would have a no holds barred match against CM Punk, which he lost. In 2013, McMahon had an alliance with WWE Champion Jacob Cass, helping him defeat Randy Orton and wanted to turn him into a Corporate Champion, however, after Vince accidentally costed Jacob a match against Daniel Bryan, Jacob hit Vince with a Diamond Cutter. Vince in retaliation endorsed Curtis Axel, giving him a title opportunity against Cass, turning Vince into a heel again. At Dawn of Destiny, Vince accidently cost Curtis Axel the match after hitting him with the championship belt. The following night on RAW, McMahon dropped Axel and instead claimed he would "find a new insurance policiy." At Money in the Bank, Mr. McMahon's feud ended with Cass after he was put through the announcetable by Cass after his successfully defended the WWE title against Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.


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