Money in the Bank is a PPV expected to happen sometime in July 2012. It will feature a Raw Money In the Bank Ladder Match, and a Smackdown/ECW Money in the Bank Ladder Match, as well as a WWE and World Heavyweight title match.

Justin Gabriel(w/Tyson Kidd) def Damien Sandow Singles Match Dark Match
James Storm vs Bobby Roode Steel Cage Match #18
Sheamus def Drew McIntyre(w/Ric Flair) Singles w/Manager Winnder replaces injured Johhny Curtis in the Raw MITB
John Cena and Randy Orton vs 2.0 ended in a draw. Tag team match WWE Tag team championship
Bobby Lashley vs Tajiri vs Matt Striker vs Umaga vs Jigsaw vs Kazarian vs Tyler Reks vs Sandman Money in The bank Match ECW Briefcases on the line 19,20
Daniel Bryan def Tensai Tables Match Winner gets the last spot in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Jericho vs Kevin Nash Ultimate X Match #14 and #3, Loser is banned from ECW And out of the Competition
Revolt & Eugene vs Big Show & The Miz Elimination Falls Count Anywhere #17 and #13 on the line
Austin Aries vs Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray vs Shawn Michaels vs Hunico vs Big'Spyce vs Jack Evans vs Joe Hennig vs Curt Hawkins Money in the Bank Ladder Match World Heavyweight Championshio MITB

Cody Rhodes vs ???

Chris Masters vs ???

Back to Back Pick Your Poison Matches Briefcases on the line, #4 (Cody) and # 16
Sheamus def AJ Styles vs Chris Hero vs Colt Cabana vs John Morrison vs Sin Cara vs Zack Blaze vs Zack Ryder vs Ted DiBiase vs Daniel Bryan Money In the Bank Ladder Match WWE Championship MITB
Kurt Angle(c) vs The Rock Singles Match World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk def Jacob Cass(c) by DQ

Extreme Rules Match with a 40 minute timelimit,

(Edge will serve as Special Guest Referee)

WWE Championship


  1. CM Punk will compete for the WWE Championship 2 years in a row at a MITB PPV.

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