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Scott Murdock better known by his ring name Mike Cameron is an WWE superstar competing on it's Raw brand. He was a former NXT superstar where his mentor was the Rated R Superstar.

Ohio Valley WrestlingEdit

Using his real name Murdock would capture the World Heavyweight Championship, defeated Daniel Bryan for the title. He would later lose it to Benny Pierce. He also won the Tag Team Championship with Austin Blain. However he would turn on Austin by attacking him after getting Murdock disqualified when he tried to interfere in his championship match.


Partnership with EdgeEdit

Murdock was signed to NXT under the name Mike Cameron. His debut match was on the 3rd episode of NXT where he defeated Lance Duncan. He also formed a brief partnership with his mentor, even aiding him to defeat Triple H to win the WWE Championship. He later helped Edge defend the title at Extreme Warfare however he would get Pedigreed in the process.

Feud with EdgeEdit

Murdoch asked Edge why he had take so many beatings to help him. Edge claimed he said he would do anything, for Edge in spite of Cameron's complaints. However Edge would start to abuse his protege by making him get brutally destroyed by Kane in a handicap match. This would continue as Edge would leave him to be defeated by Big Show as Edge said he had to start winning matches himself. When Edge lost the title to Cena at Demolition he would blame Cameron for not being there even though he knew Cameron was suspended. Finally when Edge failed to gain the gold back at Judge, Jury and Executioner, followed by a disqualification on Raw, Edge would blame Cameron for his recent failures and fired him, before getting attacked. They faced off at Evolution where Edge was victorious to end the feud.

Feud with CM PunkEdit

After losing to Edge Punk would ridcule Cameron for losing to Edge as being a weak b--ch. This lead to a World Title Match which Punk lost due to distraction by Randy Orton, marking his first world title. He retained it on Raw by getting himself DQ'd. He would go on to lose it to John Cena at Fatal 4 Way(the other superstars were Edge and CM Punk).


In the November 2011 draft Cameron would be drafted to Raw where he won his debut match on Raw by defeating Drew McIntyre.

In WrestlingEdit


Endtable,Crucifixion(OHW), Facebreaker, Brain Breaker(WWE) (Fireman's Carry Spin Temple Drop)

Red Queen(OHW) (Reverse Stunner)

Super Crucifixe Power Bomb



Jackoff(Atomic Drop Reverse STO)

Jumping DDT from the Top Rope

Lionsault(adopted from Chris Jericho)

Uni-Breaker(Running Head Strike to Gut)(as if a unicorn is striking)

Entrance ThemesEdit

"Curse" by Endeverafter (2010 present)

"Metalingus" by Alter Bridge(used briefly when teaming with Edge)

"Warp" by Downstrait( 2011 present)

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